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You Personally Monitor and Control via Smart Cell Phone

• Your Burglar Alarm System

• Live 2-way audio/video conversation with visitor    at front door

• Home Appliances / Garage Door / AC / Furnace

• Security Camera / Nanny Cam

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Tired of paying monthly fees for Alarm Monitoring?

You Monitor Alarms Inc. has the technology which allows you to monitor and control your home, cottage or office via a cell phone or the internet. Enjoy the benefits of personally monitoring what is important to you without any hidden fees or confusing contracts.

Monitor and Control via a Cell Phone or the Internet:

  • Burglar alarm system

  • Live two-way audio / video conversation with visitor at front or side door

  • Home appliances, garage door, A/C, furnace

  • Cameras (home, office, cottage, nanny cam, baby monitor)

Why choose You Monitor Alarms Inc. ?

  • Ensure your loved ones have arrived home safely

  • Personally secure your home, workplace or cottage

  • No hidden fees or confusing contracts

  • Avoid the repercussions of false alarms (police response suspension, fines, etc.)

  • Improve monitoring redundancy (multiple individuals monitoring access, system back-ups, etc.)

  • Cost savings

  • Receive email alerts on any smart phone (include as many email addresses as you wish for added convenience and security)

  • When an alarm is activated two phone numbers of your choice will be notified and as many e-mail addresses as you specify.

  • Arm, disarm, and control all features of your alarm system remotely from anywhere

  • Guest logins available for other family members or when you’re away on vacation

  • Home Automation (lights on/off, lock or unlock doors, control appliances, etc.)

  • Supports VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) when phone line is not available

Whether it’s a simple home burglar alarm kit, a nanny cam, a customized surveillance system or a home automation need-You Monitor Alarms Inc. can do it all!

Contact us today for a no obligation quote and free demonstration.

Contact Information:

Phone: 416-409-9023, 416-668-6787

Email: enquiries@youmonitoralarms.ca